Below are some segments we produced over the years for RTÉ’s factual programme ‘Nationwide’.

Drop Chef

A short piece on the Dublin food delivery service DropChef.

Earth Force Education

A short piece we did on Earth Force Education as part of ‘RTÉ Goes Wild 2013’

Susie Power

Segment on the young performer Susie Power.

Women In Business

Segment on ‘Flowers by Moira’ and ‘Fortuna’ for ‘Women In Business’.

Big Brother, Big Sister

Segment about the organisation Big Brother Big Sister.

Red Rufus Sockdogs

A piece about the company Red Rufus Sockdogs.


A short piece on young up and coming Dublin band Spies.

Arrange My World

A piece about the company Arrange My World.

Bake My Cake

A segment on the business and website

Mic’s Chilli

A piece on the hot sauce company and product Mic’s Chilli.